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Repair and Restoration

We are often asked about repairing and restoring antique furniture and this blog will address some of the key issues surrounding those questions. First never attempt a repair of your antique furniture without consulting a professional. Sometimes even the smallest failed repair can affect the value of your piece. We suggest taking photos and sending them to us for an initial overview and discovery by our team. We can then discuss with you the best steps to take to preserve and repair your piece.

Ponzi’s Antiques has been offering furniture repair and restoration services for over 40 years. Our services include re-gluing, furniture leg repair, inlay replacement, veneer repair, press for caning of chairs, clock repair, French polish, and much more.

"A complete strip down and French polish"

Our craftsman can construct missing parts on for most pieces of furniture such as finials, replacement legs, moldings, and other custom repairs for your antique pieces. We take our time to ensure the repairs are period correct and meet your client’s expectations.

Ponzi’s Antiques offers furniture repair for new furniture as well. We can refinish old tabletops, fix nicks on your chair legs, re glue chairs, and remove marks on furniture surfaces. Remember a phone call to Ponzi’s Antiques doesn’t cost you anything but it may save you everything.

"Made new drawers and repainted to match original paint"

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